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In 1994 I sign up for the School Memory. Singing, performance, jazz, tap dancing.

I love it and two years later, for deepen performance studies, I enroll myself in the Estudio Nancy Tuñón.

2 months later, I was called to work in a TV series, Estació d’Enllaç (TV3), as an actress.

Soon after, the phone rings again. This time for a children’s tv show.

And that is where it all begins. What meant to be only five sessions, became an occupation, a journey, a passion:

I was 9 years embodying the evil, histrionic and the hilarious Ruïnosa, so hated and so loved by the kids of Club Super 3 (TV3).

I have participated in films like Paintball (Daniel Benmayor) and Nosotras (Judit Colell).

Also, I have been part of TV series such as Hospital Central, Hermanos y Detectives, Pelotas, Vis a Vis, Vent del Plà, La Riera and Cites.

In addition, I have worked in TV movies with Rosa Vergès (Maresme), Enrique Urbizu (Carvalho), Lluis Mª Guell (Primera Jugada), Lluis Danés (Laia) and Laura Mañá and Blanca Portillo (Concepción Arenal).

In the La Fila festival 2014, I won a best actress award for the short You&Me directed by Rafa Russo.

My adventure has also gone through the Theater: Teatre Romea in Barcelona and through the Rialto in Valencia, with the spanish version of The killing of Sister George (Director: Rafa Calatayud); the Capitol with Lorca eran todos (Director: Pepe Rubianes); through the Circol Maldà with Master and Margarita (Director: Pep Tosar); and through the Teatre Almeria with 5 women wearing the same dress (Dir: Víctor Álvaro); among others.

Texts, poetries, songs.

I have even sung soundly in 3 cabarets, in Rambleros, the Astoria Circus Cabaret an in Cabaret El Plata, the famous centennial cabaret in Zaragoza.

And, in the meantime, I was finishing my training with Nancy Tuñón. Sages and masters inspired me: Phillipe Gaulier in a Clown course, Javier Daulte with his game and commitment. Neil Laboute and Michael Attembourugh, when working monologues. I continued with my singing classes and even stuck my head into the equine world with Lucy Rees.

Again inspired by great predecessors, I chose some songs from artists of twentieth century as as Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaff, Chavela Vargas, Vinicius de Moraes, Leonard Cohen that now I am singing every Thursday at Ocaña, in Barcelona. They call me Anna Dietrich.


My next adventure in 2019? A theater play directed by Rafael Calatayud based on the artist Carmen Tórtola Valencia’s life.


2016-2017 LA RIERA, TV3. Director Esteve Rovira. Character: Leire.
2016 CITES, Arca audiovisual and TV3. Director: Pau Freixas and Marta Pahissa. Episodes 1, 3 and 6 .
2015 VIS A VIS, Globomedia and Antena 3. Chapters 1,2 and 3.
2012 KUBALA, MORENO Y MANCHÓN, TV3. Episode 20.
2012 POP RÀPID, Channel 33. Episode 5, Season 2.
2010 PELOTAS, TV1. Single episode. Director Jose Corbacho and Juan Cruz.
2010 VENT DEL PLÀ, TV3. Single episode.
2008 HERMANOS Y DETECTIVES, Tele 5. Single episode.
2007 HOSPITAL CENTRAL, Tele 5. Single episode.
2007 CONTACTES EXTRANYSand CASTING TV, Xarxa TV Local. Director: Alejo Levi.
2001 LABERINT D’OMBRES, TV3. Single episode. Director Esteve Rovira.
1998 CARVALHO, TELE 5. Single episode. Director Enrique Urbizu.
1997-2006 CLUB SUPER 3, Children’s tv show in TV3. Main actress (Ruïnosa).
1996 ESTACIÓ D’ENLLAÇ, TV3. Single episode.


2016  LA LLUM D’ELNA. Brutal Media, TV3, TV1 and Radio télévision Suisse Coproduction. Dir. Sílvia Quer. Best Tv movie in Gaudi Awards 2018.

2015 LAIA. Brutal Media and TV3 Production. Based on the homonymous Salvador Espriu’s novel. Dir. Lluís Danès. Best TV Movie Award Zoom Festival 2016. Best Tv Movie nominee in Gaudi Awards 2017.

2012 ET DEC UNA NIT DE DIVENDRES. IMUFF and  TV3 Production. Director Dimas Rodríguez

2012 CONCEPCIÓN ARENAL, VISITADORA DE CÁRCELES, TV1, TV3, Tele Galega and Canal Sur Coproduction. Director Laura Mañá. Main character (Petra).  Special Jury Award in DetectiveFest 2013 (Moscow), Best Tv Film award, Best Direction and Young Jury Prize at the Zoom Festival 2013 . Best Spanish fiction Luchon’13 Festival, Best Costume and Best Supporting Actress in the Mateo de Galicia Awards.

2011 TORNEU-ME EL FILL!TV3 Production. Documentary. Director: Montse Armengou and Ricard Belis.

2010 LA CLÍNICA. TV3 and University Pompeu Fabra production.
2008 LA RATJADA, TV3 Production. Director Miquel García Borda.
2001 MARESME, Canal Arte and TV3 Production. Director Rosa Vergès.
1997 PRIMERA JUGADA, TV3 Production. Director Lluïs Maria Güell.


2012 EL BALL DEL VETLATORI. Director Marc Sempere Moya. Film Festival L’Alternativa, CCCB, Barcelona.
2011 INTERFERÈNCIES, fiction documentary. Director Pablo Zareceansky. Quepo y ODG Production.
2008 PAINTBALL, Director Daniel Benmayor. Filmax Production. (Original version English)
2000 WOMEN, Director Judith Colell. PCM, Canal + and TV3 Production. Based on the book of stories, “Dones” written by Isabel Clara-Simó.. Best Catalan film 2001 Butaca Awards.Audience award in Tori’s Women Film Festival (Italy)

2000 JAIZQUIBEL, Director Ibon Cormenzana.


2012 INSIDE CAR Dir. Iván Larraguibel
2012 YOU&ME Dir. Rafa Russo (V.O inglés). Premio mejor actriz en el festival La Fila 2014 (Valladolid).
2009 ESTAR AQUÍ Dir. Sílvia González Laá. Premiado en III young values festival, Festival Las Pedroeras y Premios Bafta.


2018 “ANNA DIETRICH”, Singerat Ocaña, Barcelona. Dir. Fred Blin.

2017 “EL PLATA, CABARET IBÉRICO”Singer at the emblematic Zaragoza’s cabaret. Dir. Fred Blin. Zaragoza.

2017 “EL CIRCO DE LAS PALABRAS 2” Spanish poetry anthology Twentieth century. Director Frederic Roda. Production Teatre de Ponent. Tour around  Catalonia

2016 “ENSAYANDO TRES SOMBREROS DE COPA”. An adaptation of Mihura’s play. Director Frederic Roda. Teatre de Ponent Production. Tour around Catalonia.
2014-2015 “EL CRIMEN DE LA HERMANA BEL” by Frank Marcus. Director Rafael Calatayud. Production La Pavana and CulturArts. Teatro Rialto, Valencia. Teatro Romea, Barcelona.
2015 “EL ENANO EN LA BOTELLA” Monologue by Abílio Estévez. Dramatic reading. Director Alfredo Alonso. Casa América Barcelona.
2014 “L’HOME INVISIBLE”. Director Rafael Calatayud. Escalante Auditorium, Valencia. Production La Pavana.
2013-2014 “CIRCUS CABARET” as a singer. Director. Anna Carné. Club Astoria. Barcelona.
2013 “PABLO NERUDA VIENE VOLANDO” by Jorge Díaz. Dramatic reading. Director Alfredo Alonso. Casa América Barcelona and CaixaForum Barcelona (2015).
2013 “NO YO” monologue by Samuel Beckett, multidisplinary show (video-performance-graphic installation) at Àtic 22. Director Biel Barrera.
2013 “LORCA ERAN TODOS“. Director. Pepe Rubianes. Revival at the Teatro Capitol, Barcelona.
2013 “EL MESTRE I MARGARITA“,  stage adaptation of  Mikhaïl Bulgakov’s novel. Director Pep Tosar. Círcol Maldà. Barcelona.
2013-2015 “EL CIRCO DE LAS PALABRAS“, Spanish poetry anthology Twentieth century. Director Frederic Roda. Production Teatre de Ponent. Tour around  Catalonia.
2012 “LET’S PLAY” Site-specific interactive installation. Director Thaïs Botinas. Temporada Alta ‘12. Girona.
2012 “LAURA A LA CIUTAT DELS SANTS”, stage adaptation of Miquel Llor’s homonymous novel. Director Txell Roda. Production Teatre de Ponent. Tour around Catalonia.
2011 “YOU’RE PRETTY AND I’M DRUNK” Director Marilia Samper. Drama by Helena Tornero based on“Las tres hermanas” by Chéjov. Teatre Lliure. Barcelona.
2011 POPI,written and directed by Yago Morera. Trono Auditorium, Tarragona.
2011 “CRISTALLS irisats de plàstic xinès”, Written and directed by Miquel Àngel Rayó. Teatre Principal in Palma de Mallorca
2011 “LES NITS DE LA CÚPULA”, Cabaret.Singer.Direction Oriol Tramvía. Las Ramblas, Barcelona.
2010 “FUSO NEGRO”. Written and directed by Eva Hibernia. Ca L’Estruch, Sabadell.
2010-2012 “FÉLIX Y GALATEA“, Anthology of Spanish poetry. Direction Frederic Roda. Production Teatre de Ponent. Tour around Catalonia.
2010 “EL CASAMENT DELS PETITS BURGESOS”,by Berthold Brecht, Direction Víctor Álvaro. Almeria Teatre. Barcelona.
2009 “CINC NOIES I UN VESTIT”,  comedy by Allan Ball (True Blood); Director Víctor Álvaro. Almeria Teatre. Barcelona.
2009 “DORA LA FILLA DEL SOL”, Children’s theater. Actress and director of actors. Teatro Poliorama. Barcelona.
2008 “MIT STALIN SPIELEN”, Director. Ibán Beltran based on“Play with a tiger” by Doris Lessing. Teatre Lliure. Barcelona.
2008 “ELS MOTS DE YORIK i altres peces”. Palau I Fabra’s texts. Director Iñaqui Garz. Espai Brossa. Barcelona.
2007-2008 “TOT BLANC”,based on “Jardín de los cerezos” by Chéjov. Director Marta Gil. Theatre space Ivanow in Barcelona, Lola de Esparraguera’s Festival.
2007 “APOCALIPSI LIFE”.Director Raquel Tomás and Andrea Segura.Sound theatre. Production Area Tangent, Temporada Alta in Girona and Lola de Esparraguera’s Festival.
2007-2008 “LORCA ERAN TODOS”Director Pepe Rubianes. Tour around Spain and Italy.
2007-2011 “PIRATS”,Children’s theatre. Director Lluís Joanet. Teatre Poliorama. Barcelona.
2007 “REQUIEM FOR NADIA COMANECHI”, Director Raquel Tomás. Institut del teatre and Beckett auditorium in Barcelona.
2007 “BLATMAN i els esquelets pirata”. Children’s theatre. Production Teatre Obligatori. Teatro Tantarantana. Barcelona
2005-2006 “ÑI HUJRí-MUJRí”Direction Marta Gil. Prémières de Strasbourg’s Festival.
2003- 2004 “A RAS DEL CIELO”Direction Rafael Calatayud. Production La Pavana and Jacara Teatre. Valencia. Teatro Talia and valencian tour.
2001 “CABALLITO DEL DIABLO”Director Marc Martínez. Plataforma Teatro Social, El Llantiol. Barcelona.
1998 “LES TROIANES”by Eurípides, Director Àlex Rigola, Teatro de Sitges’s International Festival.
1997 “APRIMA’T EN TRES DIES”,Theater-Opera. Director. Cristina Pavarotti. Music: Alberto García Demestres. Teatre Romea, Teatro Grec’97’s Festival. Barcelona.


2017 J. Daulte Actor’s training by Sandra Monclús. Laura Jou’s Studio.

2016 Body-Voice- Action with Pere Sais. La Blanca Performing Arts Lab, BCN.
2016 Juego y compromiso with Javier Daulte, Beckett Auditorium, Obrador International Dramaturgy workshop.
2015 NLP and  theater, with Robert Long. Laura Jou’s Studio.
2014 Course with Carles Alfaro, the actor and the text.
2014 Workshop with Neil Labute and Michael Attenborough:“I love you – I need you: enigma about the relationship author/actor through  the practical application and representation at the Beckett Auditorium, International Dramaturgy workshop.
2014 Regular singing classes with Isabel Soriano
2012 CLOWN training course with Phillippe Gaulier.
2011 Scenic fight course at the Fundación Aisge. Madrid
2008-2009 Acting training with PERE SAIS (Grotowsky).
2004-2007  Basics of MUSIC LANGUAGE, PIANO AND SINGING at Música Activa
2004 – 2006 Communication, movement, HORSE natural DRESSAGE and RIDING
2005 Improvisation course with Javier Daulte.
2003-2005 KINEKOKORO, movement without movement with Esteban Labari, Body and voice awareness.
2003 Course of Neutral Mask with Rafael Bianchiotto . Institut del Teatre. Barcelona.
1998 Alexander’s technique with Xavier Ortiz.